Only the Beginning of the Adventure


I never thought I’d write my first travel post on my phone. I can assure you my laptop is having a strop somewhere in all my travel mess. However,I guess it’s fitting as I will be on the move for most of my journey so I can’t guarantee lengthy updates. I’ll guarantee you important ones tho. If that helps.

I’m only one person..! 🙈

I wanna tell you I’m over the moon, jumping from one bus seat to the other in anticipation. Not so much, it’d be more correct to say I’m crawling looking for my gut. It dropped somewhere when I closed the door, leaving behind everything else and turning my nose towards the biggest challenge and adventure of my life. Christ.


Today’s funny note: the title of this post is the title of my first book in a series of five which I’ll be working on during my travels.

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