Arriving in Pattaya

It’s five to 12 and, while you lot are probably preparing to ring in the ghostly hours, I’ve just got in bed from my journey to Pattaya and I’m well ready to pass out. Christina 1, jet lag 0.

The journey itself went fine, although I’m not as impressed with Oman air as I am with Thai airways. Nor was I particularly impressed with the toilet condition on a five star flight. One thing is being in economy class, but that was not nice. I was so disgusted I held myself for 4,5h of a 5,5h flight before I gave up and praised my nostrils being stuffed from the air con.

On a positive note, I had two seats to myself – now that’s luxury for a backpacker! – and one of the crew members hunched down for a chat. In comparison to the others who seemed like they’d rather would have preferred me to not being there, it was really nice to have someone go out of their way, and probably their job description, to be nice to a customer.

I also saw some incredible lightshow while flying. When we were over the clouds not far from Muscat there were some lightening rolling like a pink northern light over the clouds. Almost ready for landing in Bangkok, however, the lightening appeared as a blitz war of white flashes that appeared far away or close enough to make the pitch black view completely white…That was awesome!

I can’t really describe the feeling of stepping out of Bangkok’s airport. That familiar humid air. The hot smell of warm roads that usually teases me when it swiftly appears back home… I felt like I was “home” again and I definitively feel more upbeat than I have since I left the UK. Excited to get to the flat and get settled in tomorrow!


Stopping by for some local cuisine.. 😇

Today’s funny note: That moment when I realised it takes just as long to travel from Cardiff to Bangkok as from Cardiff to my hometown in Norway when including all transits….o.O

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