Settling into My New Old Home

The weekend has been terribly busy settling into the flat and attempting getting to know my way around Pattaya.

I’ve only been here two days, but I got many stories already. They go from sweating away to being washed away or from accidentally walking on a dead rat while exploring by foot to go on motorbike taxi through Pattaya’s not so safe rush hour traffic. Living life dangerous ey.

It’s good to be home. But, after my excursion by foot, I have to admit I have romanticised Pattaya as a child. Older, I now notice the sanitary issues and poverty more easily. Before I used to see it as an urban tropical paradise, now it’s more like that paradise is transforming into Gotham City. I miss the old beauty I used to see in the place, but at the same time I hope I’ll be able to catch some important stories and photos from the life around here. Although it might seem like a holiday from the picture below, I’m here to learn about local conditions of Thailand.

My sanctuary of memories, it’s good to be home. Even better with a morning swim!

Today’s funny note: I left Wales thinking I’d escape the terribly weather…ran into monsoon weather in Thailand instead!

Anyone fancy a shower?

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