A New Day is A New Day

I definitely won’t be worried that every day is going to be the same when spending most of the week #volunteering.

I started my day playing with the toddlers, or more correctly being run down by the same darling girl as yesterday. She ran towards me as soon as I stepped through the door (again), waving two large toys and jumped on me. Then I became a climbing tree again, but this time with flying toys going over my head in every direction. Tomorrow I’ll be wearing a helmet. Or American football gear. Forget it, I’m just going to wear a full armour!


Later in the afternoon, I met the boss and Gareth and Louise from the Thai Children’s trust in the UK. You can read more about what the trust does here, but shortly told they help support charitable projects around Thailand through their individual sponsorships (where you sponsor a child; Pinky from the Orphanage is one of the children who can be sponsored through TCT) and corporate fundraising programmes. The projects they support, such as the Pattaya Orphanage, work towards giving the children a childhood by providing them with safety (shelter, food, drinks, clothes), encouragement (care&affection) and education. Find out more about sponsoring a child, what it means to be a child sponsor and what the money goes for here.

To round of the day I had another teaching class. It went quite well in my opinion…but that might possibly be because we started face painting halfway through the lecture! Hey, who said learning can’t be fun?




Don’t I qualify for teacher of the year or what?
Today’s tip for “When in Thailand”: if there are more motorbike taxis around, make sure you ask for the price before going anywhere. Chances are some will charge a lot more than others! Yesterday I was given two price options of 250 or 80bath. The groups of drivers were stationed close by each other as well. Guess which one I went with..!

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