Old Places and New Pals

This weekend we visited two of my favourite places that are a must-see in Pattaya.
The Million Years Stone Park

This crocodile farm, as it’s also known as, was one of the “zoo’s” my dad took me to when I visited Thailand for the first time. I sat next to a Tiger then and I was bloody going to sit next to a tiger again!

img001 (2) img001To my joy they even had “white” tigers. However, just like with everything else in Pattaya (now when I’m “mature”), the place lost a bit of its charm when I really took in some conditions, like the poking of the tiger to aggravate him for pictures. They ended up aggravating me instead and I consistently barked that they needed to stop with the poking while I was sitting next to the tiger. I know they were just doing their job, but it also annoyed me that they would scream at me to smile. Dude, I’m sitting with a hand on the most terrifying, powerful and glorious animal I know of. Let me cuddle it in peace!

Post out-of-body experience I also managed to face my fear of elephants and finally not only dared to feed it, but also, as you can see in the picture, let it lift me up!


I know some animal cruelty people have a lot to say about these places, and I’m not going to object as I bloody love animals. But I also like places where you can (respectfully) be close to them.

Me and my new boyfriend ;#
Sunday we also went to one of Pattaya’s night markets which basically is plain awesome for people with an urge for shopping but little money in their pockets. Strike a good deal or give a puppy a home – it’s really all up to you.


Today’s interesting note: Elephants are pretty decent.

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