When in Thailand…

…one kind of have to take a tattoo..!

Don’t worry, it’s not the first time I’ve taken a tattoo at Tiger’s tattoo (located at Pattaya Beach near Walking Street). I took my first one here as well and it’s my favourite and best tattoo. The ink still looks almost as new five years later. Moreover, both my dad and brother took their tattoos there too so it’s definitely a place of recommendations.

Heels hurt! Bone; eeeehouch. Please ignore the rest of my dinosaur feet

This time around I had one word on each heel done: Love and Honesty. These are the foundation blocks of who I am. To me, honesty and integrity is a mission statement in what I do, think and say. Moreover, I also put passion into everything I set my mind to and love the people in my life unconditionally. Together, love and honesty strengthens me and enables me to rise onwards with fortitude.
However, love and honesty is also my Achilles’ heel(s) as nothing renders me feeling more lost, weak or on the bottom as when discovering lies or experiencing breach of trust and heartache.
Thus to me, love and honesty balance out each other and provides me with a learning curve in life.

Today’s interesting note:
My first tattoo is located on my right hip and marked the beginning of my growth as I at 18years embarked on my dreams by “Aim(ing) high”. The second tattoo was taken on my back in Portuguese to get me through the difficult years when I needed my parents; needed to remind myself that they and the people I love will always have my back; and to set the goal that I would go against my fears and follow my dream to help others in the dangerous Favelas in Brazil by continuing to “Love to Live”. This dream has now kicked off in Thailand, where I got roots. When I finish the globetrotting and volunteering I’ll get a new tattoo that marks that I’ve come full circle; I set my goals, I’ve faced difficulties, I rose from my ashes and (hopefully) I succeeded.

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