You’ll find more redemption in a child’s unconditional hug than in a hundred repetitions of religious words

Working with children you’ll realise why your heart never felt like your own and why your self has always been an unidentifiable person. You become more than just a person: you’re a super mama with five or more kids; you’re at the mercy of puppy dog eyes and soft cries; you’re the rock and awe of tiny small hands that reach for yours; you’re a teacher; you’re the student’s student. Finally you’ll learn that you’re one person whose heart will never be entirely yours, but split among a thousand and one.

 DSC05097 DSC05201-001 DSC05292 DSC05417


Proud teacher in the background ❤

Interesting note today: I had an unpleasant experience today which made me feel really miserable (I’m not too sure yet if I want to share it). However, walking out of location in question, my cousin came running towards me. He’s met me twice since I came here. Our only conversation have been me chasing him and he screaming of laughter.  Yet, today he came running towards me. So fast and happy to hug me that he nearly got hit by a motorbike. I managed to wave and shout for him to stop; he did, waited for the bike to pass and tossed himself into my arms. Unnerved by what could have happened, driven by the need to share some love. Uplifting love.

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