But how did the teaching go?

So some of you might remember that I struggled with the teaching in the beginning. However, around the second week I had assessed the children’s skills enough to figure out that I’d only been planning a bit too advanced activities. I had to plan the activities as if they were pre-preschool than preschool, meaning I had to take the level down a notch and focus on easy activities (in plural) and motoric development.

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I also faced challenges encountering a second dilemma when teaching children that had low concentration capability and the possibility for ADHD or dyslexia. I believe Thailand has yet to develop the knowledge and support system which these two disabilities requires and as these are matters close to my heart I decided to be really careful with teaching the relevant children. I know how easily a child with either disability can be tipped from loving to hating learning if the teaching is done wrong. Without proper support system I was therefore given great advices from my friends to focus on being patient with the children and discussed with my advisors that I rather wanted to lay up the lesson to fun and games that they would ultimately learn from. Luckily my advisors were really supportive to this so was I capable of changing the lessons accordingly and went for quality rather than quantity.

Lessons in both situations became a lot easier to handle. I feel more confident now than at the beginning that I would and have left them with some further skills and knowledge about the English language, but more importantly also knowing how to have fun while learning.


Today’s interesting note:
There is a need for building more knowledge and a good support systems for ADHD and Dyslexia in Thailand. The people are understanding and aware, but still need further help to handle the disabilities. Sarah has been asked to help provide the mobile unit with tests and methods to assess and diagnose ADHD, dyslexia, depression, etc with the children. If anyone have any help to provide her in this or have any more questions, please contact me on the fb page and I will put you in contact with her!

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  1. liamjameshaddock says:

    I had the same problem. The ability levels in each class are dramatically different. Good to see you have a grasp on things.

    1. cqvam91 says:

      Thank you for the comment, it’s nice seeing I’m not the only one! What would you say is your best trick to assess them quickly? I found not just the age but also factors such as the consistency of their learning to play a big difference, did you?

      1. liamjameshaddock says:

        Yes definitely. It gets easier when you establish the clever ones, the needy ones and the slow ones that will need more explanations to grasp things. I know this sounds simple, but when you have learnt their names, things get a lot easier!

      2. cqvam91 says:

        Yeah, as soon as you establish the qualities on each one you can use it to the advantage of your lesson planning i find!

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