TBT: Travel Essentials

Now that I’m home for Christmas it’s been quite quiet on this blog, but mistake me right: its not because I’ve put my boots in the air and braids in the beer. I wish. No, I’ve been busy preparing for South America in three weeks (ish) time by studying TEFL, Portuguese and Spanish.

However, let’s have a little #tbt and look at what I considered to be my personaltravel essentials whilst travelling in Thailand!



1. Mosquito allergy cream and 50 deet mosquito repellent spray. Without the spray I’d literally be stung swollen and blue and only the cream would help. My body was in a seriously nasty shape the first week!

2. My little happy Buddha and keeper of my worries, purchased in Pattaya. I think it’s a must to get a little round-belly-man that “speaks” to you once in Thailand!

3. Kiwi, my nr. 1 cure for homesickness and travel buddy throughout NZ. He kept me safe while travelling to Phuket, unfortunately he also went missing :/ if you see him, you know where he belongs! #getkiwihome


4. My travel bracelets and NZ greenstone (nephrite jade) necklace – each with their own specific meaning – and my independence ring. It’s all about symbolic talismans when travelling I find! Keepsakes holds memories and energy, that’s all I can say.

5. Okay so I swore I wasn’t going to get one of these. Yet, now I got 3. For 400-550 bath each. Needless to say, I think these have become the travel essentials for any (solo) backpacker.

6. This one represents a backpacker’s scouts rule: safety first. Not really a fashion statement, but it keeps the valuables close to your chest – literally.

Other travel essentials are (needless to say) back-up of important papers and the originals, travel journal and my writer’s notebooks, passport and money (and in my case three phones…you know, just in case✌️).

All I wish for Christmas is…

Today’s interesting note is my very empty wish list. To be honest I just wish for world peace, a great and safe 2015 and for anyone who really really want to get me a gift to get me one of these donated presents for someone who need it more! Merry December everyone! ⛄️🎅🎄🎁

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