Merry Christmas, World!

Can you all believe it’s the 24th of December already?

I remember the days would never go by when we were kids. I’m sure the days had five hours more and the nights were even longer. We counted down to Christmas Eve by playing outside in the snow; pretending to be these Norwegian characters from the advent calendars on TV

or elfs living on the barn. The sleds were our form of transportation or a sheepskin blanket in disguise – they would get small elfs and santas where they needed to be at the right time. We flew over snow bumps which we made along with snow lanterns and snow figures. I propped the freezer full with snow rabbits, snow cats and what not.

I loved Christmas as young (and still do). The family came together and everyone were happy – even more so after we finally got that doll or computer game we’d been waiting for under the tree.

The days have flown by and the day Norwegians wait for are here. You see, in Norway we celebrate, have dinner and open our presents on Christmas Eve. I wish I could say it’s the same as when we were children, but things change. Us cousins don’t play in the snow anymore. The family don’t have big gatherings anymore. The kids in the house reminds me of when we thought gifts were the important part. – yet, many years ago this Cindy Lou Who learned it is simply being home, warm, safe and together that makes Christmas what it is. Thus, I smile to the kids as they scream ‘AUNTIE CHRISTINA, HAVE you seen there are PRESENTS under the TreeeeEEEeee?”, but look outside, inside, at the tree or at my cat – wherever I look I think these thoughts:

Tonight I hope the moon will look over us. Tonight I hope the stars guide lost souls home. I hope anyone who don’t have a bed or a home will be warm. I hope no one will cry and that there’ll be a Christmas hug for everyone. This Christmas I can only give hugs. But tomorrow, NGO’s across the world will notice the effect of Christmas; hopefully will they have raised enough to kick start the new year.

Good childhood memories take shape during Christmas. In Norway were lucky enough that all children teoretically should be happy, safe and warm. Don’t take that for granted. Think of those who have little. Put away the bottles of alcohol and pay your children some extra smiles. There’s a lot awaiting young and old next year; new memories, new fears, new joy and new tears. Until then, however, let’s enjoy tonight and I hope the following video will bring you delight.

A video from the Pattaya Orphanage featuring many of “my kids”. Guess who’s a blubbering mess – yep, moi.

Let’s round of with this little photo shared from the Pattaya Orphanage Facebook page simply because it’s so darn cute!

pattaya orphanage christmas

Wish you all a wonderful Christmas time, whenever you’re celebrating it, and a Happy New Year! xxx

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