On the Road Again

And I’m on route South America!

But I might be having a different reaction to it than what you’d think…

It’s not that I’m not excited, deep inside I am. It’s just this trip was always going to be a mission testing my boundaries and capability to handle my death anxiety, and now a lump in my gut is trying to convince me I’ve sacrificed my life for a couple of months with adventure. That I’m not going to get to return home. How does one deal with that? By countless of support (by someone telling me “you’re going to come home”) and by turning the angle around: life needs to be filled with adventures that are worth the risks. Besides, if I can’t take 11weeks, what does that say about the local children’s conditions? They are the one and only reason I didn’t back out. They’re what’s important.

Still, I’ll admit I cried when I left home. I felt like a dead woman walking. I could not get enough of the mountains and trees. Yet, once I was on the plane I started feeling more excited for the two months ahead with some occasional alone time with new cultures, nature and my beloved backpack.


What’s in the bag?
– For the first time in my life I’ve packed no favourite pieces of clothing nor brought any valuable items apart from my symbolic and nifty travel essentials. For the next two months I’ll be living on a completely throw&give away basis. #backpackingNo1
I read somewhere that when packing you should “put all your clothes and money on the bed, take half of the clothes and twice the money”. I’d take 1/3 of the clothes.
– My sleeping bag and sleeping bag linen so the bed bugs won’t bite.
– Hiking Gear (because who would wanna trek Machu Picchu without it?)
– Enough medicine to be stopped in the security check. Did you know the Malaria vaccine needs to be taken as a tablet every single day while you’re in an area with a risk for malaria? It really makes sense why it takes so long and so much money for charities to fight it.
– And new travel essentials. Upon learning that my beloved Kiwi had disappeared in Phuket, one of my closest friends sent me a stuffed lion teddy to keep me safe on my travels.

Also, Another of my closest turned up at the hotel to give me a hug before I left the European grounds! Seriously, how blessed am I with my friends! ❤️#feelingloved

My travels so far have really shown me who cares for me and who’s my closest; I couldn’t have done it without their support and it always makes me just as excited to get home again (be it the UK or Norway) as I am to be travelling. If not even more.

I have to give a shoutout to Holiday inn on Sipson Way by Heathrow. Great room, cheap price and with helpful staff who both carried my luggage to my room and cooked my food separately to avoid it mixing with ingredients I’m allergic too. They made it even harder to leave the UK again.

A thumbs down on the journey must be my incapability to speak Spanish. I had a hilarious/embarrassing run in with a worker at the airport in Madrid who looked very much like the funny bad guy in Spy Kids. While I very wrongly said “Que pasa?”, being the only Spanish phrase I could think off (😩), he switched over to speaking even better Norwegian than what I speak at times. I was absolutely baffled. And very embarrassed over my Spanish skills. I’m going to really struggle with those.

However, I’ve now arrived to Peru after a good 11h flight (partly unconscious because, well, sleep). I now heart Iberia: I’ve flown with many top class airlines (Air New Zealand and Thai Airways being the best ones); their seats were arguably newer and standards more luxurious, but I’ve never flown with an airline with such high quality food and seats which leaned that far back as with the Iberia. Even the toilets stayed clean despite the large number of passengers! 👏
Everyone clapped as we landed and I shed one tear. It’s a reaction I’m going to have with my anxiety; but it also makes me appreciate things so much more once I’m safe again. Actually feeling slightly more optimistic about this trip now!

Today’s interesting note:
After landing in Peru, i discovered I had made the rookie traveller mistake of not removing the region blocking on my card. Sleeps on the streets definitely flashed before my eyes, but I got it sorted now. Sort of. I was damned lucky I had taken out some dollars at Gatwick though…Never. Ever. Forget.

What’s your worst travelling nightmare?

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