Flying high or sleeping right?

This will be a pretty boring post for most, but I hope the following reviews may be helpful to anyone planning to or already travelling in South America.

If you are in Lima only for a lay over inbetween flights, I would say the Manhattan Inn Airport hotel is a good shout because of it’s location (five mins from the airport)z For £34 I got a double bed with my own bathroom to r&r in after a long flight. Everything was clean and disinfected.

I read there was some bad reviews on airport noise, other noise and a urine smell. All of them true, but quite frankly not the hotel’s fault. Staying five minutes away from the airport is going to be noisy and the urine smell I’m pretty sure was Calleo (the area), because there is the same types of smells in Cusco too. That’s how it goes with heat, humid and lower living standards that what you’re used to in the west.

The hotel has the service of wake up call (which actually saved me from oversleeping because my alarm didn’t go off) wifi and transportation to and from the airport.

Buenos Dias
//image: Google/Home Alone

The latter needed to be booked beforehand tho and was $15 each way. Please check the homepage linked above for how to book the transportation and the rates for more than one person.
I want to give the hotel a 👍 with the transportation as, even though we didn’t manage to exchange my card details as a guarantee, they still came and picked me up – early!

Ultimately, I didn’t miss my flight. Yet, domestic flying in Peru must be one of the oddest experiences so far. I had only been in the country for 11h and I already saw a gun. Screwdrivers. Many dangerous and confiscated items in a see through box on the other side of the security check. I don’t even…Let’s just focus on the reviews.

Ps: I believe the domestic rules says you can only have one of each type spray in your check-in luggage. In my case I had to take out my extra 50 deet mosquito repellent (which I can’t get just anywhere) and I also had to toss it cause I had no space in my liquid carry on bag 😭 (my allergy is going to hit the roof). Be sure to check out the liquid rules of check in and security before you go!

Now, a travellers code of conduct is to take a bus. If you don’t, you’re a tourist and that’s the general view on forums where people are asking what is the best option: flight or bus.
I don’t agree. It will be dependent on your time limit, what you’re comfortable with and obviously your budget. Now, both me and my nan have been really nervous about the buses (although I’ve heard a lot of nice things about them too) and with a limited schedule we agreed I would take flights for most of the journey (for some extra peace of mind). Therefore, be prepared for a lot of South American airline reviews – I think I’m flying with most of them tbh!

First out is Star Peru. My taxi driver described it as “so, so” and rightfully it is not Peru’s grandest airline; it’s a budget airline with older planes. However, that being said, there was nothing wrong with the comfort. The seats were wider than the domestic Norwegian flights and far more comfy. The flight was neither cancelled which it seems online it had a bad reputation for being. I think people will have to take this with a pinch of salt and realise that flying will always be weather dependant. The most important fact you need to know is that Star Peru, after what I’ve read, has no record of accidents (still trying to find the page).

Whatever you do though, get up and leave once everyone else starts to and you know you’ve arrived at your destination. A couple people was sat still and I thought they were waiting for most people to go – but no. Apparently they were going to a second destination and I almost joined them because no one checked it up. Yikes.

Today’s interesting note:
I’m still struggling between four currencies of Peruvian soles, dollars, pounds and Norwegian Krones. I’m also terrible with tipping. Because of this, after I arrived in the tiny airport that is cusco’s airport, one of the airport workers with a trolley got himself $10 for picking up my bags and pushing them ten metres (which I actually kept insisting I wanted to do myself). Don’t even ask me how it happened, I couldn’t believe it myself once I realised how much I had given him (30 soles = 76 NOK = £7). I really need to get a handle on this, but let’s just hope he needed he money more than me.

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