Lima and Loki Hostel

It has come to my attention that I haven’t yet written to you about my staying in Lima ( two nights before I went to Huancayo) and, quite frankly, that is just something I have to do before I can see myself as finished with that chapter and begin to tell you about the amazing place that is America.

First of all, I can’t really tell you much about Lima because I didn’t really step a foot outside of the hostel once I was there. Lima scared me. One single thought rushed through my head during the entire taxi ride from the airport to Loki Hostel: What on earth am I doing here?

However, Loki Hostel Lima is an experience in itself; you might as well accept now that alcohol is on the order of the morning/day/night if you are planning on staying there. It’s a proper party hostel with theme nights and days…and the bartenders will do their best to get you onboard.

Now, if I had gone here with my Scholars girls – my fellow barmaids from Aberystwyth’s Scholars pub – I’m pretty sure it would be our heaven; Loki has party people from all walks of life, drinking challenges during the night (which we definitely have done once or twice before) and a rooftop for when the sun is out and glorious.

On my own though, I found it a lot harder. I have as a rule I don’t go out drinking when I’m traveling on my own. In my head it’s a recipe on danger if one are to go out in certain countries, on your own and intoxicated. I mean, it’s dangerous enough with friends, but on your own it’s just downright stupid considering everything that may happen. I really do hope that even my party-loving readers take some precautions before doing so. 

Because of this, I found it difficult to be in an environment where drinking was encouraged and challenged to the level it was. I felt quite uncomfortable the first night staying there – not that they would actually force me to do anything, but I’m terrible with temptations and challenges. They have to be accepted and done.

I’m going to be honest and say I caved the second day as I spent the whole day on the rooftop sun bathing and yeah…it ended with a pool and beer pong evening! It was fun. It was actually a lot of fun because there are a lot of like minded people that stop by the hostel and it’s a safe hostel as long as you remain aware of your surroundings (which is a rule which applies to all sorts of accommodations). Loki hostel is therefore not a place I would bring my family, but it is great if you’re in Lima and want to party without actually stepping outside.

Today’s interesting note:

I have really good beginners luck – and then it’s just downhill from there.

Also, I don’t really remember it if I’ve mentioned it before, but Cruz del Sur is your best transportation alternative by road. Their seats are like beds and the buses are monitored 24h from an office for security reasons. 

Have a safe journey! 

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