The Land of Dreams (SF, Day 1)

Finally, the first America post is ready!

So the only right thing to do would be to kick off this Fairytale of the Land of Dreams at the very beginning right? So let’s do that!

My very first stop in America was just that – a dream. I don’t know how many of you have seen The Sweetest Thing with Cameron Diaz? But ever after completely relating to the character Christina and getting a girlcrush on Christina Applegate (Suddenly I can relate to Brooke Davis when she calls everyone for Brooke), I’ve really had this huge wish to bust my ass dancing up the San Francisco Hills (understand it those who can)... Careful with what you ask for. 

Day 1

I arrived (to the top of the hills) at 6am after a long-haul flight from Norway to Los Angeles followed by an overnight bus to San Francisco. I was to stay at USA hostels, but check-in wasn’t until 2pm. Normally I would freak out and dread a prospective 8hour wait in the lobby (considering I was too tired to move), but anyone in the same situation can rest assured that USA hostels would do their best to keep you comfortable. They allowed me to store my luggage with them, have a shower, take a nap in the common room and help myself to the included breakfast. After doing all of this, I headed out for some exploring.

My goal for the day was to get to Alomo Square Park, see the Painted ladies (featured in Full House) and head to the Golden Gate Park. By some miracle I managed to find my way to the first after meeting a lot of lovely customer service people who would point me in the right direction. After a lovely ride on the old fashioned bus, I arrived to Alomo Square park. I’d recommend taking an hour to just sit and watch the houses while maybe reading a book. It’s really nice. I also love vintage architecture so I never could get enough of the houses. Unfortunately, you can’t go inside them as they are used as regular residences, but this blog article will tell you more about how they look on the inside.

   After, I tried to find my way to the Golden Gate Park. This is where everything went wrong. I felt like I stepped out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and into Big Momma. I never did find the park, but I shattered my Iphone screen, ended up in a gangster hood with proper gangs of thugs at every corner and walked back through what seemed like a wasp nest of homeless people and drug addicts. It was about this point I realized downtown is not the area you want to spend most of your time – as an European, downtown is the hip place. Over here, not so much.

Licking my wounds, I sought shelter into a Bellini’s for some pasta. This is where I learned my second lesson about America/California; being at the right place to the right place will make you encounter a lot of interesting people. To make a long story short I ended up going out for drinks with two very lovely ESPN sports reporters. As a PR student I love hanging out with people known to the public – I know what they go through, I know what image media make of them, and I know how much greater most of them are in real life. It ended up being a pretty awesome evening with lovely conversations and fun.

Today’s Interesting note:

I only found out on my third day in SF that I’d been reading the city map the wrong way around…


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