The Golden – Excuse me – Fog City (SF, Day 2)

Day 2

This was easily my favourite day in San Francisco. The great thing about USA hostels is that they have a lot of tours inside and outside of San Francisco which you can book and get for a cheaper price than you might have done elsewhere. They also do daily activities which you can sign up to.

Today I had signed up for a bicycle tour along the sea side, across the Golden Gate Bridge and over to Sausalito. Now, the Golden Gate Bridge is such a touristy thing to do – but shame on you if you go to San Francisco without doing it!

We began the tour by cycling in the streets – our hearts in our throats – and trying not to get hit by the busy traffic. Fact is it’s illegal to cycle on the side walk so if you’re planning to actually be on the bike you best get used to the idea of being a car. A very fragile car.. Hah, it wasn’t that bad; Our guide, joining us from USA hostels, was really good and waited for everyone to follow after and get past the traffic lights safely. The only real downside with this tour was that the fog was still laying heavily over the waters once we reached the point where we were supposed to see the bridge. Thus, it wasn’t until we actually were right by the bridge that we could see its red – yet, apparently in reality orange – colour. Unfortunately, the fog is quite normal here in the Fog City.

 Cycling over the bridge, however, was something else. In The Perfect Man with Hilary Duff she says to put driving over the Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset on your to do list. Well, you should definitely put cycling over the Golden Gate Bridge on that list as well. I don’t really know how to explain it to you guys – I didn’t even know how to explain it to my journal! Just promise me you guys will do it. Someday.   

 Sausalito is an architects dream. Literally. The kind of houses here ranged from modern Funkis villas to tree houses literally up in the trees. It was just strange, but so epicly awesome. If you wanna live in San Francisco I’d live here and rather do the commute into town. San Francisco itself isn’t that great. We discovered that trying to find our way back on our own from the Marina, through Little Italy and Chinatown, up a dozen hills and then by some miracle back to Downtown (I guess that was one way to do the city tour).

Today’s interesting note: 

These were our guide’s recommended picks in Sausalito, enjoy!

– Bridgeway Cafe
– Lappert’s Ice Cream

Be ready to board the ferries 20-30minutes before so you’re sure you actually get to board it!

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