Gold’s Gym (Hollywood)

I’ve been feeling tense lately; kind of edgy even though these huge fantastic things are happening in my life at the time being. Maybe I’m just waiting for it all to scramble down like it usually do – or maybe I’m missing something. I have been missing something for a long while now. I try to pretend I don’t. I try to pretend I’ll be alright. However, fact is I fell in love a while ago, but when I got sick in Peru I pushed my love away. Put some distance between us. Tried to find back to how we used to be, but it didn’t work out. Today, on the other hand, we were reunited for real. I’m so ready to make it work this time. Free Weights, it’ll always be us ❤

Gold's Gym

Gold’s Gym isn’t exactly unknown. I heard this might be one of the places for celebrity spotting, but I can tell you already it is so much more and absolutely not about that at all. I couldn’t really be in Hollywood without checking out one of their gyms, so today I went to the one closest to me.

After having been ill and away from the gym so long, I really struggled getting back because I always felt people in gyms looked at me as if “What are you doing here? You can’t lift”.

After losing about 8kg muscles while ill and the rest through a lazy phase I guess that’s true…and embarrassing.

However, this is NOT the case in Gold’s Gym Hollywood. You’ll notice straight away that the atmosphere are relaxing, cool and comfortable. The personal trainers and people all seemed really nice and minded their own business. Although they all looked like they would obviously have more experience than me, no one came over and pushed themselves and their noses into what I was doing (and I’m sure they’d love to help me if I’d asked them to too). The ladies at the reception was also particularly nice here. It made it so much more welcoming to just step into the gym in the first place which might be a bolder move for some than others.

In addition, the gym has all the equipment you would need, an amazing smoothie bar for any needs your muscle’s might have (Rebuild, build, gains, energy boost, weight loss, etc.) and a pretty decently stocked up stash shop (can’t take me anywhere) where I got my new favourite pair of gloves in the whole wide world (more shopping to happen).

I enjoyed myself so much that I’m definitely to return as often as I can during the following week (come say Hi if you’re there too!). Not only that, but I’m also going back tonight even though I stayed half an hour longer than I really had the time for today. I’m going to struggle when I have to leave LA aren’t I…

Happy lifting everybody!

Today’s interesting note:

I think my butt lifted just by the pure ecstasy of being in front of a squat rack again or by being in a Gold’s Gym. Who knows. #BabyGettingBack

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