Universal Studios

Couple weeks ago I got the chance to visit the Universal Studios. Although always excited for a visit to a set and/or another place where movies and television have been filmed, I really didn’t know what to expect. I don’t even know if what I did expect was fulfilled once we were there. I can tell you that the kid in me had a blast, the teenager was unimpressed over all the childish lameness (but secretly enjoying herself) and the adult in me was hanging from the night before (let’s not make this a preview on how the real family visit will go down) in 30+ degrees celsius. All in all it was quite the nice day out.

First I’d just like to say that the whole thing was a lot smaller than I thought it would be. I’m almost certain when I say you’re safe to leave the child-leash at home… almost (after all, they do have the Simpsons characters wandering about the place). However, I would be prepared to be on a constant loop around the place looking for things to do.  

 My absolute favourite rides were the Transformers and Jurassic Park ones. These actually quite blew my mind a bit – particularly the Transformers one. I won’t tell you the details though, I think you’ll find it hard to feel genuinely surprised in Universal if you’re over thirteen and Botox free (in which case you’d find it hard anyway), so I won’t take that away from you. That being said, you will most likely try out all the other rides in the park as well just to kill some time*. They are fun and entertaining so I definitely would try them. We did the new minions ride while mourning the fact we were at Universal just before the opening of the Fast and the Furious ride; it was a lot more fun than we expected it to be! However, I still can’t get over the fact they’re opening up a Harry Potter section and that it wasn’t ready yet 😭

Finally, the most famous attraction, the Studio Tour ride, was….well…the kid in me liked it? Nah, it was interesting to hear all the movie facts and tricks we didn’t know from before. I’m a big fan of Universal movies like most people; seeing the Grinch set was the best part (because everyone who knows me should know how much I love the Grinch) and one kind of have to appreciate the tour guides attempt to entertain so many age groups even though the jokes came out quite dry. My best tip about the tour, however, is to not be discouraged by the beginning because it does get better later on. Also, the 60 minutes it takes to go around really doesn’t seem that long at all.   

    All in all it was, as previously stated, a nice day. I think what’s more important than the park itself is the company and being able to just let lose and have fun with finding back to some childhood roots. I quite enjoyed the details and one can’t really be negative when you find yourself in the middle of Springfield. If you have the opportunity to visit the studio then I would certainly do so. It’s not a place you’ll regret spending your day at (unless it’s the day after a big night out).



Today’s interesting tip:

Today’s review was written with the presumption that you will be holding a front line pass so that you can skip all the queues. Without it you will have to calculate a considerable amount of time towards standing in lines in burning heat…basically make sure to get a Front of the Line pass.  

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  1. Marie Lough says:

    Thanks for sharing- I appreciate your views on your Universal Studios experience. We’re thinking of going there in July and I was wondering if the Front Line Pass was worth it. Sounds like I better re-think that!

    1. cqvam91 says:

      Hey Marie! Now I haven’t looked at the price difference as we went on a prearranged trip, however I would say the amount of time you got planned for the day would be significant! We were there from 11amish till 4pm and strolled around at our leisure with the fast pass. If you’re there for longer and don’t mind standing in a queue you probably won’t need it! It does simplify things, however. I find it’s almost worse to be stressed in parks like that! (I believe you can only use front of line passes once per ride). Hope that helps and that you’ll have a great time there!

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