A Writing Project: Hat of Dreams

Children’s laugh and dufflepuffs,
Pink smoke and liquorice trucks.

A little girl ran light on her feet, into the woods never to be seen. Her parents cries were muffled from her ears as her eyes led her into the devil’s lair. Children’s laughter guided her down a steep staircase made of old tree roots. By the touch of her feet they came alive and followed the girl close by. Her innocent face was full of awe until her eyes fell on an old lady stirring a ladle in a hat.

“What are you doing there?” she asked walking over and touched the Witch’s hand.

The old lady turned and looked her in the eye, “I’m preparing the Hat of Dreams, my dear.”

“What does it do?”

“Fulfill wishes for princesses like you,” the Witch smiled sweetly – sickly – then kept stirring.

“Can I try it once to see?”

“Of course, but keep the secret between you and me.” The lady helped the little girl climb onto the table. The girl peeked down into the hat of which the bottom she could not see.

“How big is this hat?” the girl’s voice echoed and she tilted her head.

“Big enough for you and the dead,” the Witch cackled and gave her a push. The girl’s screams were muffled as she drowned in the vapour. The witch stood left and stirred the ladle around in the hat, grinning worse than the Cheshire Cat.

I’m into my day three of limbo and have been slightly panicking about what I’m meant to do for the next couple months – not to say the rest of my life. However, what I really need to do is stop being scared of failure and start writing. yet, no work without play right.. 😉

Insert a lot of ramble here and let’s get to the point! Above you read the beginning of a little social writing project I’m testing out in which I will need YOUR help!

In between each post I write on this story, I will need you to suggest Characters (a name or characteristics) or come with a “what if?” question. I may or may not chose to include these into the storyline, but I will do my very best to do so. Would you be intrigued to see how far your input can make the story spin? I know I’ll be intrigued if I can make the stories! I don’t, however, know if this will be good writing; if it will work or not, but I’m more than game to give it a go! What do you say?

Will you help me entertain you all under the pressure of the public eye? (Yes, constructive criticism will be allowed).

Spread the word to Friends and Family and comment;
the Hat of Dreams will be back 1st of August!

Christina Qvam xxx

Edit: bleugh spellings and tags

4 thoughts on “A Writing Project: Hat of Dreams

  1. Cool, so as no one want’s to start i’ll take the leap and go ahead with a “what if”.


    What if, the girl is trapped behind an invisible barrier, within this hat, where she cannot be seen, cannot be heard, and slowly, her parents come down into the tree, to see if she may have wandered in.

  2. I like this a lot besides loving stories in general and always have, yours is interesting and the whole social project idea could go far, it’s like an expanded version of what i play with my family, where we all do a story together by choosing 3 words to say each or where i tell a story to kids and i let them choose the type of protagonist they wish to be. The story feels mystical and captivating almost like i’m reading a dream that is vibrant, and is simple at the same time, not too descriptive but enough to imagine the scene and draw the audience in to the story, with mystery of the upcoming events. It would be nice if we could get a clear image through description of this witch/old lady where you describe what she looks like, how she smells, and a small description of the room she is in after the girl climbs down the tree stairs. (which may be a little tricky with the current style your going for, especially if you want consistency in the pace and style your using which seems to be heavily metaphorical and mysterious) and if this witch/old lady is intentionally by her own will for malicious reasons perceived as both or one or the other, that being said, you could leave it to interpretation by simply leaving it down to her actions where we can decide who and what she is, which are clearly shown when she decides to push the girl into the hat.

    There’s a few way’s you could go about this including your own ideas which you have probably already thought about, either continue to narrate the actions of the witch, and we see what she does after she performs her dastardly actions towards this innocent child, Switch to another story that intertwines with this current one potentially introducing new interesting character’s, go into a short part where you explain why the girl heard children’s laughter, was it intentional by the witch to produce such a noise to attract such attention, seeing that the girl quite possibly was the main ingredient for the hat of dreams to work, what happened to the parents, could the witch have friends who dealt with them, it would be interesting to see things from the parents point of view, where things start to get really weird seeing as their daughter has suddenly become the flash and got away so insanely quick. So many different way’s you could go about this that would fit the way you’ve introduced us to the story, you’ve given yourself a lot of freedom where you can expand on the world, or narrow down on specific parts of it based on the idea’s given by others which makes sense. Anyway i’ll leave it there for now, i hope what i’ve put here helps in a way and is beneficial, I’d really like to see where this goes and how the story unfolds.

    1. Thank you Michael! You’ve definitely hit the nail on understanding the concept. The vibe you describe of the pace and the theme of the story set in the introduction is exactly what I was going for. However, it will vary like the direction of the story depending on what input from others comes in. Like you already have a great perception on, the beauty of this story is that it can go many directions depending on interaction. Pretty much like life 😉
      Now all what’s needed is the comments with input 😀 please don’t hesitate to come with any!
      Have a further great day and don’t fall into any hats 🙈

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