Part 1: Disneyland Park, Ca.

Do you know what’s one of the happiest places of the world?

Ah Disneyland. Decades of watching Disney films, dreaming about Paris, Florida – any places with a Disney resort really – and I finally got to go to the one in California. On their 60th Diamond Anniversary when the diamond decorations would be repeated throughout the park. Jumping madness of excitement I’m telling yah. I felt myself shrink from the young adult to a child for every mile we drove closer to paradise…and then…we were there.


Once upon a time there were two princesses entering Disneyland on the first day of their 2-day ticket (no park hopper). Thanks to the awesome, unofficial Disneyland guide that is Caity B, the princesses got to experience everything from a “first visit pin” to Space Mountain without ever having to stand in a queue for more than 20-30 minutes. Keep reading and some magical beans might spill with some insider secrets. The princesses’ time management were top notch if I may say so myself… 😉

Strolling up main street with their jaw open and eyes popping out, they found themselves in another dimension to the real world: the Disney dimension. It’s so stereotypical and perfect it’s easy to be reminded of the evil critics lynching Disney for providing false and pretentious images into the world. Yet, princess C did not object. It was beautiful. Like being trapped in a time machine or, even better, a Disney film. Already from this moment on she loved the particular care that Disney had put into every-single-tiniest-itsy-bitsy detail. One step to the right, one spin to the left – as soon as they crossed no-yellow brick roads the land had completely changed to a different world.

First tip of the article; in the different lands you’ll find different exclusive souvenirs for that specific land. If you want a souvenir from your favourite one, your safest bet will be to purchase it then and there!

  Princess C jumped and danced once she spotted the castle. Her smile, however, turned into a frown as she realised it wasn’t Cinderella’s big castle; you will find that one in Disney World, Florida. Turning the frown upside-down, the princess remained ecstatic to see the various Disney(princess) elements in Fantasyland. Probably a bit too much considering her age. However, compared to the Californian Adventure Park storytelling rides, there were room for improvements and implementations. Luckily, it looked like they were doing this as the Peter Pan ride was closed for rebuilding. Ultimately, it would seem that Fantasyland are meant for the smaller ones in your family…but that’s not to discourage you from going though.

DSCF2600The “Full House” Ride

Good news for the taller and older in the family, the bigger and larger rides were great fun; they didn’t go fast enough to be called thrilling, but will still tickle your stomach and laughing bone. Matterhorn Bobsleds, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (delightful) the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the Haunted Mansion and Autopia are all fine examples and a must-go-to when you’re waiting for your fastpass tickets to become active.

 There are limited amounts of fastpass tickets for selected rides. Make sure to get them early for the ride(s) you want to take the most and go to your ride for the allocated time-slot. Once you’ve gained a fastpass ticket, you’ll remain unable to attain another one before your designated Fastpass time-slot runs out.  

DSCF2613    DSCF2617

Princess C’s favourite rides were, as is the standard, the popular Fastpass rides Space Mountain (most innovative and original), the Indiana Jones Adventure ride (most thrilling), Splash Mountain (prepare to get wet) and Fantasmic. I really want to tell you in detail what made them so great, but I also don’t want to spoil anything for you. Basically they are a “don’t-miss”. Like at all. A lot of the princesses success at time management was due to obtaining a Fastpass ticket for each one of these, in this order. They had made a loop through all of the lands and rides by 5pm, wandered for a couple hours, went on Fastpass ride Splash mountain and enjoyed the most amazing firework show after the “Paint the Night” parade and before the explosive Fantasmic. It truly was the best ending on a(n overwhelming) day where wishes came true.




For Mickey’s sake remember good footwear.

Today’s interesting note: 

Stay tuned for Part 2: Disneyland’s Californian Adventure Park, and have a further fabulicious day, your royal highnesses xxx

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