Check me out, I was at E3!

*Throwback alert: This event happened almost two months ago, but, due to life, the article has been delayed from being published.* 

I mentioned in the previous article that G was so kind to bring me to work where I could help out. This exposed me to some incredible experiences ranging from PA’ing at a music video shooting with top notch & high profiled actors and to E3, the gaming industry’s paradise.


In relation to E3, I was assisting G and Starbreeze before and during the event where they, not only showcased the latest PAYDAY2 DLC – The Casino and PAYDAY 2: Crimewave Edition, but also let press and guests get a preview of the Tech/VR-Demo of Overkill’s The Walking Dead with their new VR-initiative and HMD StarVR.

God. Things were mad. Madly awesome!

I’d love to tell you how I experienced the VR-demo, but I was busy doing it real life by running away from the walkers we had roaming around the booths and halls (I know right, Starbreeze easily had the best attraction ;p). You can, however, find both sick images and expert links covering the event HERE. Morover, Q&As about the game itself can be found HERE. Don’t say I never gave you anything (- One Tree Hill) 😉

How was the rest of E3? I’m honestly still processing everything. It was incredible, but so overwhelming for a first timer, even though I didn’t even get to try any other demos because of the queues. I was walking around, mouth open and metaphorically drooling over EA’s and Disney’s booths. Games such as OverkillsTWD, Batman: Arkham Knight, the Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn, Disney’s Infinity and Life is Feudal made me want to hand over my social life and immediately convert into the gamer I once used to be.







It also added to it that I was there with the best crew one could possible wish for. From what I could tell, with my humble experience, the Starbreeze Crew consists of the best and most hardworking. I think the reviews speaks for themselves and their great hearts says even more. There are certain personalities I still miss from the team, everyday, and they made sure the crew wasn’t just a crew, but also family. Yikes, enough with the cheese… #canyoutellimissLA


To sum it up, from feeding the walkers my French fries to lingering a bit too long while glaring at the cosplayers, E3 was dangerously thrilling and I had a blast. If you weren’t there, you missed out – luckily the games will be coming your way soon (if they haven’t all ready). Make sure to look out for quality games from Starbreeze 👍🏼

Now, I don’t have time to blog anymore, I gotta go play games. See yah!

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