Back to my beloved Trondheim: Torucon2015

Damn, it’s sad to be back home from Torucon 2015! I had such a good time standing on stand with the rest of the Kybernesis crew and I hope all guests and/or followers of our #kybernesisexperience on Instagram and Twitter did too!

It were the cosplays which stood out for me through the mayhem of various competitions and game talk/play. I really want to do some cosplay myself – maybe there will be a poll and you guys can help me choose – but probably won’t go too extreme. Us writers with second jobs can’t really complain about having too much time and resources on our hands if yah know what I mean #writersproblems

If you want to see pictures of all the amazing cosplays and fun, be sure to pay @kyberneses a visit on Instagram! (Myself can be found @christinaqvam)

My focus for this article is, however, to provide you with a recommendation: If you visit Norway, go to Trondheim. That’s all. No it’s not, but it easily could have been.

Trondheim, since the young age when I actually lived there, have had a special place in my heart. I compare every city I go to up against Trondheim (settling-wise). Now, returning after 7+ years since the last time I was there, I knew my feelings hadn’t changed for my first location love. Sure, some things with the city were a bit changed, and it also seemed a bit older and tired than how I remembered it, but so am I. We both changed.. One day we’ll grow old together, me and Trondheim; we’ll go for walks along the bridges or chat to the students in the parks. We’ll seek shade from the sun under the large trees or enjoy a cuppa (tea or cake) at the delightfully, cute and vintage cafés here and there. Cobblestone anyone? Let’s cycle over it and add to the memories of happy feet and laughter trotting by houses with flossy plaint.


Until next time, dearest Trondheim, I will miss you xxx

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