Warner Bros Studio Tour, CA.

I was a bright eyed and excited girl meeting up at the Warner Bros. Studios gate. Like Disney and Universal, Warner Bros. stands behind so many great classics and entertainment productions that made up, not just my childhood, but especially my sweet teens. To be at the gate was pretty huge; like a being on the front steps of where dreams are made into a reality. The risk of my expectations and hopes being crushed was quite high.


I weren’t worried though; Daffy Duck and Bugs Bunny stood ready to greet me in their great gold uniforms. I made my curtsies and walked on – skipped more like it – until I was greeted by a guides passing by and a welcoming security guard. With a “You look like a model” compliment and big wishes for my day, he sent me through the security gate and straight into the souvenir shop. I really need one of those child leashes in souvenir shops; my mood was topped like a apple cheeked girl on a sugar high.


The thing is that, when you book tickets for the standard tour, you will select times for when your tour is to begin. However, if you meet up a bit before time, and there are more spaces on the tours going before yours, the guides are likely to place you on an earlier tour so that you don’t have to sit around waiting. I think they’ll definitely do this if you have a big smile on and I’m-new-alone-and-completely-lost-but-it-is-awesome sign on your forehead. Worked for me.

At first they will show you a short movie about Warner Bros. Studios through the ages and then the guides will come and get you. Being alone, I got to ride in the front seat with our guide which was pretty great. Make sure to have a list of your favourite films or TV-shows ready before you start driving; the guide will take everyone’s wishes into consideration and show you those backlots and stops relevant to the group’s average favourite productions. I really think I was meant to get on the earlier tour because I had spent all morning worried no one wanted to see the same place as me, then all whcich was requested was Harry Potter, Batman, Big Bang Theory and Friends. Four out of four! It really couldn’t get better – except if the Friends’ Central Perk set had been open… Unfortunately, it was not, such a bummer.


The Geller house!


Waiting for my lobster – prom scene

One got to hand some applause and credits to the guides. One does understand that there is more than the regular manuscript rehearsals behind their talks; our guide was a movie fan and there was no doubting that. She really knew her stuff and it was a pleasure to go on the tour with her. I really learned a lot – far more than we learned from the scripted Universal Studio tour (Los Angeles).

Obviously, the Harry Potter set – which really was just a collection of stash – was nothing compared to the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Tour in London. Yet, it was nice to sit under the sorting hat (I’ll always be a Gryffindor even though its mechanism awkwardly tried to place me in Slytherin and Hufflepuff [What are you implying, eh?]) and to see different items anyway. The Batman stash was by far the most impressive – I think my mouth fell off when we stepped into the Garage with all the Batmobiles and transportation vehicles from the films. Yes, they’re all real and works, but only stunt drivers are allowed to drive them. Now there is a career idea…

DSCF3003 DSCF2978 DSCF2972 DSCF2976

For everyone considering going, I think it would be much more worth investing in the Deluxe Tour. Simply because two-hours-ish is not enough to see all the awesomeness that the Warner Bros. Studios have worked on. I also think you’d see a lot more backlots and sets if you take the deluxe tour. That being said, we also saw the fully clothed set of Two Broke Girls and got to learn how the production of sitcoms works. To my eager happiness we were told how it’s like to be a writer for different type of shows. My Joy inside squealed – which really she had been doing since I saw the writers’ car for Fuller House and I contemplated how much trouble I’d be in (probably a lot) if I jumped off the tour bus and headed into the offices to sit and learn. Be worth it though. Afterwards, I  felt like Mike Wazowski, when he got his Monster’s Inc hat, as I stepped into the souvenir shop and found the Warner Bros. Writer hat shining like a beacon in front of me. Safe to say it’s in my possession now. One day…


Even though it was not the Deluxe tour, I had such an incredible time and I don’t regret buying the ticket at all just as I wouldn’t hesitate investing in the Deluxe tour another time. I would like to raise another round of applause for our guide – who I sincerely wish I remember the name of – as she really made the trip as enjoyable as it possibly could be and I’m only sad she did not get the time to take us to the Big Bang Theory elevator.

Until next time Warner Bros.!

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