Grand Canyon, Route 66’s Seligman and the damn hoover dam: Team Bandana on tour, pt. 3

Day 3: Grand Canyon

– Read day 1 here and day 2 here

Right, day  3 and, still buzzing from the day before, Team Bandana were beyond ready to toss ourselves into the next adventure – so ready in fact that we went into it blindfolded!

2015-06-10 12.01.14

Guided over branches and rocks, we walked hand in hand into our certain deaths – well, not really, but one doesn’t really know; we were blindfolded after all. Once Josh told us to take the blinds off, we opened our eyes to this:

Really Josh?

Okay, so our timing was a bit off, but a few minutes later the clouds drifted away….

Now, that’s more promising! Hello Grand Canyon

…and I kept slipping and tripping on rocks to such an extent I became the group’s Bambi and had to assure Josh I’d stay clear of edges. I most certainly broke that promise in the matter of minutes when Josh didn’t join us on the hike. Sorry, not sorry, Josh.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you. Grand Canyon was not one of my must-go-to-spots. I never wanted to because of all the tourist hype around it. But it was a stop on the trek I had chosen so I just saw it as an added bonus. And what a bonus it turned out to be!

Seriously, don’t let anyone or anything talk you out of going to see the Grand Canyon because, as cliche as it sounds, it is grand indeed. Team Bandana (Make three guesses where the name came from) descended down the South Kaibab Trail to the Ooh Ahh point (Please see Link for a more detailed description in another traveler’s blog). Most of us remained at the point, enjoying the view and competing in a model competition with a squirrel. The squirrel won – and then attempted to run of with my backpack.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To end it all on a high, we had a pizza picnic (thanks to our wonderful guide Josh) next to the Geology Museum at Yavapai Point after the “walk through time” pathway. It ended with root beer floats (my very first taste and a significant tick on the ‘must do-list’) as dessert and the Grand Canyon sunset as a backdrop.  From that evening on I’ve not been able to have ice cream without emptying fizzy drinks on top (Fanks a lot Josh ;p)

Day 4: Onroute back to Las Vegas, with a few stops:

Route 66, Seligman town

My obsession with road-tripping through USA and along route 66 began when I first saw Cars – No, it’s not a bad joke – so it was more than fitting that we would stop by the wee little town that inspired Radiator Springs.

There isn’t really much to do there besides spending your last travel money on souvenirs, but it was a well-fitted round-off on an otherwise amazing trekking experience with TrekAmerica and I had a blast running around looking at a place untouched by modern rush-hour.

If you want to see a true copy of Radiator Spring, however, I’d say go to Disney California Adventure Park. Perfect down to the smallest pebble.

Hoover Dam

– damn dam in the freakishly hot desert.

2015-06-11 15.19.14.jpg

Today’s interesting note:

Thank you TrekAmerica, Josh and the rest of team Bandana for fulfilling not only one but many of my dreams, large and small. I cannot believe everything I got to do and I find it even more incredible that it was done in only four days! One thing is certain, however, it wouldn’t have been as great without each member of our wonderful crew who all got along and was really supportive of one another. Here’s to a reunion trip on the road sooner rather than later (better start saving).  It was one hundred percent worth it (FYI, I compared a lot of prices, including DIY, before I decided to book with TrekAmerica, but they were easily the cheapest alternative and I’ve not been payed to say that (Y)).


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