Chasing Dares

Sorry for the long absence folks, alas, better a year later than never as they say (I doubt anyone would actually say that tbh).

I hope you will excuse my silence knowing it has been due to (more) personal tragedies happening in my life, plummeting me into a tunnel of depression & anxiety, until there was light; my boyfriend, entering my life and healing what was broken.

Treating ourselves, we spent a month in Thailand at the beginning of the year, discovering (in his case) and rediscovering (in my case) the taste for traveling.

Together in Paradise

Due to our many travel plans forward and the progress with my first novel, I’ve felt the increasing need to kickstart the blog afresh to keep you all updated.

Chasing Dares is a tribute, a play of words on our names, to our constant chase, as a team, for memories and the challenges we face to our comfort zones and my anxiety.

PS: We’re currently in Greece and the next blog post will be right around the corner!

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