From Central Athens to Skiathos

No matter how much we searched the internet, we couldn’t find a comprehensive, straight-forward and up-to-date answer on how to travel to Skiathos and Skopelos (two of the “Mamma Mia – The Movie” islands) from Athens by bus and ferry.

Therefore, I’ve decided to post a short, but up-to-date post about it (well, I’m trying. It’s already been a while since we went and once again researching the travel route to confirm various names reminds me why it infuriated me the first time).

I’ll tell you two ways to go about it:

1. If you want the convenient way without being on a budget or limited time*:

If you got the time to wait around, your most convenient alternative is to book your bus and ferry tickets with travel companies such as Alkyon Travel.

The bus and ferry will be coordinated, but mind you their buses are not matched with every ferry that leaves per day (so taking a public bus will leave you with more options) nor do they leave every day.

*We did not have any personal experiences with this alternative as it did not fit our time budget.

Tip: there is a really really cheap Hostel right by the Alkyon Travel office if you need to spend the night in Athens. It’s nothing spectacular or immaculate, but it is clean, safe and the rooms are spacey.

2. If you’re on a budget and limited time:

There are two ferries leaving from Agios Konstantinos to Skiathos and Skopelos, one early and one late. Please do check ferry webpages to confirm departure times as this will vary depending on season. Tip: There’s no need buying tickets days before and the ticket office is right by the harbour*.

*Always plan accordingly. The bus from Athens to Agios Konstantinos takes approx 3 hours from Liossion Bus Station/Terminal B.

Because we were short on time and had no idea when on Earth the bus would leave, we headed for Liossion Bus Station early in the morning and arrived even before the ticket officers opened their desks (we arrived 5.30AM and the desks opened at 7AM). We took the 7something bus on which one of the stops was Agios Konstantinos and made it in time for the 10AM ferry. Some hours cruising the sea after and we could enjoy the rest of the day in Skiathos.



Today’s fun fact: We still wonder whether or not we could have skipped Athens altogether when leaving Milos and heading for Skiathos. To achieve this, however, we must’ve left with the ferry arriving as early in Athens as possible; taken a taxi straight to Liossion; jumped on the first Bus to Ag. Konstantinos and prayed it would be in time for the final ferry. If not, I’m certain we could have found somewhere to sleep in Ag. Konstantinos (which was far nicer than Athens by far).


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