Check-list: Venezia/Venice

Here are some bullet points we’d advice anyone to have the best possible experience in Venezia!

  • Arrive early, that way you can leave early before everyone else.
  • Water, water & water.
  • Get a map and decide a productive route stopping at the things you want to see. We didn’t do this and spent most of our time wandering the maze that is Venezia, being lost, even with Google maps. Then when we finally found our way out, we realized we had to go back in again to go to the top of St. Mark’s Campanile for that 360*View of Venezia.
  • The Gondola is a must-do experience. I preferred sailing along the main Canale. You see more and get a good overview over Venice. It also give you that Italian exclusive atmosphere that many crave from films and the like. Ole preferred the quiet small Canales, sailing between the housewalls and secluded bridges. Some Gondolas do a mix of both. If you can afford it, I’d recommend doing two rides (€80 each) as they only last 30 minutes. Whichever you chose, sailing underneath Rialto Bridge is practically a must-do.
  • There’s a ferry service running within Venezia that makes it easier to get to or from the trainstation if your legs decide they don’t want to carry you anymore.

See more images from Venezia/Venice on instagram: @christinaqvam

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