Our Biggest Regret

You don’t want to plan a lot of time to visit Lake Garda.



It only takes five hours to drive around Lake Garda; who needs to make pit stops to take stunning photos or visit beautiful small towns around the lake anyway?



And if you do go against all advice and go see Lake Garda, then you definitely don’t want to visit Sirmione. Honestly, no one wants to take slow walks amongst palm trees along the promenade. Eating ice creams the size of your face. No one ever liked a delicious meal with view to the sea and something cold in the glass. Everyone is better off without the strong atmosphere of relaxation and the need to sing “Havana Oh Nana” because Sirmione reminds one of an Italian Havana. Honestly.

It’s not like anyone has any interest in seeing a castle surrounded by sea either…

So yes, don’t plan a lot of time to see Lake Garda. In fact don’t go there – we’d hate to fight you off for an available room đŸ˜˜

More Images on Instagram @christinaqvam

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