Roadtripping through Tuscany pt.1: Chiana

It was a long and winding road – no really, they went through a few roundabouts and the highways wasn’t much of a five minute journey – but they had bought bread and cheese, and a bit of a salami, for the road, so they wouldn’t go hungry. Fruits were in plenty. Thirst wasn’t supposed to be an issue either. The water bottles were filled with clear water at the start, although the liquid quickly changed a couple hours down the road to condensed bubbles sticking to the plastic. Luckily, they were almost there.

As Tuscany’s green sloping hills appeared before them, and the road started tossing the car left and right like a dingy on wavy seas, they spied with their wondering eyes a castle high up in the skies. The destination was in sight: The Civitella in Val de Chianti.

Their room for the first night was made for royalties. A grand mahogany wardrobe occupied the right side, opposite a King’s bed with delicious creamy bedding. The Queen’s mirrors were placed by her make-up table, spotlighted by the sun-rays belting through the windows, past the rose coloured curtains. Outside they spotted a fountain, by which Chase would quite enjoy a bit of writing. Stuck in a moment worthy of The Beauty and the Beast, they were equally lost in this small town where time stood still and history lived…

Except from when they needed the supermarket.

Sleeping recommendations:

Chase and Ole are a couple who enjoy the occasional travel now and then, chasing moments and testing their – especially Chase’s – comfort zone. They also travel quite intensely and rarely find time to do the social media and writing Chase is supposed to do. To kill two flies in one go as they say in Norway (cause we don’t like killing birds with stones), Chase is testing out her new idea of writing the travel blog as travel fiction, based on reality.

Sidenote: this is only first drafting, no editing or grammar is checked before posting because of the lack of time. Spellings are therefore to be expected.

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