Roadtripping through Tuscany pt. 2: Saturnia

They were a renewed couple getting into the car on Sunday morning. Both energized from two days of not doing much at all. Most of all, they were excited to reach Saturnia and the treasure that part of Tuscany held. But one treasure was already ready to be discovered half-way along the way.

On Ole’s clever initiative, they made a stop at Bagni San Filippo to bathe in the Fosso Bagni hot springs. Chase’s anxiety rose a couple notches, having heard many stories about thieves in Italy, frightened that someone would break into their car and steal it or their luggage – or the whole package. But all worries were forgotten once they trotted into the woods. Fosso Bagni is a natural Adventure land of thermal baths, with different kinds of pool the further you walk along the pathway. They relaxed on a balcony big enough to hold a puddle of water, soaked under tropical conditions and engaged in mud-o-war for body and skin.

After a good tree hours, and another small hour driving, Chase’s eyes widened as the town centre of Saturnia appeared before them. It was a picturesque authentic little Italian small town, the kind she always imagined when thinking of an Italian village, and her heart thumped at the possibilities their time here would bring. The square rung with lively sounds; a birthday party was celebrated at a local restaurant and it almost seemed the whole town was involved in the musical galore and festivities. The couple’s moods were set. Their time here was going to be brilliant.

Early next morning, at the time of dawn – well, at least they tried – Ole and Chase made their way over to Saturnia’s hot springs. Rumoured to be a natural oasis of beauty and for thermal bathing, they had quite high expectations as they rounded the corner.

See close-up pictures of this wonder in IG: @christinaqvam

Every single one of them was met.

Chase’s jaw dropped. She didn’t really notice Ole’s reaction because she couldn’t focus on anything but what was before them. The hot springs’ beauty struck them like lightening. Cloudy white balconies lay on top of one another like the petals of a pinecone, brimming with pearly blue water. They stripped down to their swimming suits and dived into nature’s own enchanted bath tubs where they lived happily ever after…until it was time to get up.

Note: If you read the reviews of Saturnia, you’ll know that there are red larvae in the water. They’re said to be harmless, but do be prepared to find them in places you don’t particularly would like larvae afterwards. Also, there is a shower at the café (which makes really delicious cheap food btw), but there’s no door so anyone can walk in and pull the curtains aside if they feel like it. Best to make sure you have a guard dog (read: person) when you decide to rinse those larvae off.

Chase and Ole are a couple who enjoy the occasional travel now and then, chasing moments and testing their – especially Chase’s – comfort zone. They also travel quite intensely and rarely find time to do the social media and writing Chase is supposed to do. To kill two flies in one go as they say in Norway (cause we don’t like killing birds with stones), Chase is testing out her new idea of writing the travel blog as travel fiction, based on reality.

Sidenote: this is only first drafting, no editing or grammar is checked before posting because of the lack of time. Spellings are therefore to be expected.

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