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Fran’s Adventurous World

The original idea was used for my Creative Writing BA Dissertation (Marked: a high 2:1, 2% from being a first due to the plot being too wide for the length of a Dissertation) and has since been developed into a short story novel on 30k words (First draft stage) as a way of practicing my writing skills.

Confidential Project 1 – Trilogy

When I was in ninth grade I became obsessed with the idea of creating something inspired by and in honor of the books I love, but based on the stories I used to tell myself to overcome hardships I had to face. Now, at least ten years later, the idea has developed into a planned trilogy (with additional (independent) spin-offs.)

  • Update April 19. 2016: I’ve finally completed the first draft of the first novel in my trilogy series – all based and built on from an idea I could not shake.
  • Update March 2017: I’ve finished the second draft and finally broke through my wall of trust issues and shared my work with Beta readers and an independent editor.
  • Update May 31st 2018: I finished the first novel back in March/April and have started drafting the first draft of the sequel – which also have inspired me to new ideas regarding the first novel! Oh boy…

Confidential Project 2 – Spin-off

Idea Currently Being Developed

Confidentialy Project 3 – Independent Novel

Idea currently being developed



Independent of how many missions I embark on or passions I dive into, Writing is the one I always return to and the one which always gives me a good kick straight back into the craziest adventures. 

– Christina L. Qvam

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