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Hat of Dreams

Hat of Dreams was an interactive social Writing Project started by me, Christina L. Qvam, to be run on this blog. It was unknown how the story would develop as it was purely driven by the input of its audience and knitted together – during breaks from my own writing – by me. The general idea of the writing project was to unite the social world and reignite the old passion for reading and storytelling on an online platform.

Fran’s Adventurous World

The original idea was used for my Creative Writing BA Dissertation (Marked: a high 2:1, 2% from being a first due to the plot being too wide for the length of a Dissertation) and has since been developed into a short story novel on 30k words (First draft stage) as a way of practicing my writing skills.

Confidential Project 1 – Trilogy

When I was in ninth grade I became obsessed with the idea of creating something inspired by and in honor of the books I love. Now, at least ten years later, the idea has developed into a planned trilogy (with at least three additionally (independent) spin-offs.)

  • Update April 19. 2016: I’ve finally completed the first draft of the first novel in my trilogy series – all based and built on from an idea I could not shake.

Confidential Project 2 – Spin-off

Idea Currently Being Developed

Confidential Project 3 – Independent Spin-off

Idea Currently Being Developed.

Confidential Project 4 – Independent Spin-off

Idea Currently Being Developed.


Independent of how many missions I embark on or passions I dive into, Writing is the one I always return to and the one which always gives me a good kick straight back into the craziest adventures. 

– Christina L. Qvam

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