The Achievement List

We have a social law in Norway (or Scandinavia in general) which is called the Law of Jante (Janteloven). Shortly told it basically says that what I’m about to do is the same as bragging and if Jante was a real person he’d tell me to go crawl back under a rock and stop acting as if I am something.

Sounds familiar? Ever had someone shunned you or talked behind your back because you’ve achieved stuff and are not afraid to be proud about it? Well who cares about them anyway, be proud ’cause you only live your book once so you may as well make damn sure it turns into a heck of a movie once you’re looking back on it at the end.

Here’s what I think everyone should make; my list of achievements (and keep filling it up!):

  • Survived every crushing moments in my life!
  • Sat next to real tigers in Thailand & been lifted by elephants
  • Was a dedicated ‘Russ’ in our Norwegian High School Graduation Ritual, two years in a row.
    (Russetid: Drinking and challenges for 17 days running in a builder’s trousers. Biggest challenges I did was: running around the park in my underwear year1, running through town in my underwear year2, and eating two pizzas within 20 minutes & having predrinks in a roundabout with a sign saying ‘honk and I’ll take a shot’ both years)
  • Was an additional cast in an internet commercial with a proper filming crew.
  • Ended up with tattoos: Aim High – to set my focus for the future, Amar Para Viver 01-04 – (love to live 01-04) to get me through the present, Love and Honesty on heels in Thai (my foundation blocks and Achilles’ heels)
  • Went on several backpacking train-trips around England to see famous sites and objects (eg. Stonehenge) on my own
  • Done modelling and commercial shooting.
  • Supporting artist in a music video and in an Dr Who episode.
  • Was an international student.
  • I got thrown into the air as a sport and participated in Cheer-Competitions in the UK.
  • Went Zorbing in New Zealand.
  •  Went White Water rafting in New Zealand
    (rafted highest commercial rafted waterfall in the world #6-7 m high and I can’t swim!!)
  •  Went Black Water Rafting to see glow worms in New Zealand
  • Handed out books to school children in Fiji
  • Won 3outof3 rounds of Jelly Wrestling.
  • Played and fell in love with social Rugby7s.
  • Won the title Miss Fashion vs Beauty 2013 along with Miss Charity,  Miss Publicity and Miss Fashion.
  • Ran Pretty Muddy 2014 (really want to do Tough mudder!)
  • Working as a volunteer in Thailand at the Pattaya Orphanage
  • Was trained at Muay Thai for a month by the World Champion, Sakmongkol.
  • Backpacked to Phuket to see the James Bond Island and more.
  • Was featured in “Unselfish” by Paul D. Parkinson.
  • Faced my own Death Anxiety, and travelled to south america to be a volunteer and activist like a soldier facing a war.
  • Hiked the 4 day Inca Trek with fever, without food or sleep, and a 8kg backpack.
  • Survived a serious case of Typhoid fever while stuck in Peru.
  • Started my own “love others” valentine’s day tradition (2014: Feeding the homeless in cardiff, 2015: surprising two underprivileged girls by giving them the bike they wished to santa for)
  •  Did 17th years of Education without getting diagnosed and getting study support for being Dyslexic.
  • Graduated with Honours and a 2:1 in my BA and a Distinction in my MA.
  • Got my MA Dissertation available for reading at the Cardiff University Bute Library
  •  Did an American roadtrip to Zion, Bryce and Grand Canyon National Park, Monument Valley and bits of Route 66.
  • One week after arriving to LA, Hollywood I helped out as a PA and ended up as a supporting artist in a Music Video with many famous Hollywood/British actors faces.

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